About us

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Claudio Negri

Owner of Comark srl, always in the world of sport and events

Gianluca Prudenti

Journalist with a degree in Political Science. He is the voice and face of DAZN, Tim Vision, Infront and SportMediaset.

Riccardo Baccega

Commercial development and p.r

Eby Toffoloni

Graduated in Languages with a specialization in Marketing, she has always worked in the digital world. First with her Web Agency, and now as a Freelance. She is passionate about communication, networking and sport.

Sara Cavara

Graduated in Forlì in International and Diplomatic Sciences and MBA in Bologna. She is passionate about all kinds of books, cooking and sports.

Athletes prepare for months, sometimes even years, to get in top form and concentrate for important competitions.  The minute before entering the track, starting the race or the match, there is a kaleidoscope of emotions and sensations.

The goal is to tell you and let the protagonists tell us about them: in this way readers can identify with their favorite champions, get to know them and maybe even understand them a little better.
“One minute before,” is not aimed exclusively at sportsmen: there are many professions that require a degree of preparation, concentration and passion similar to those that a professional sportsman must have.  Think of an actor who takes a minute before going on stage, a presenter before going live, and also a surgeon upon entering the operating room.

“One minute before” wants to give emotions and allow the reader to understand what lies behind each type of performance.